Visiting wine country? Beware of the fine print on your rental agreement with Hertz. They have an arrangement with PlatePass LLC to charge nearly double what all other car rental companies are charging for tolls in California including the Golden Gate Bridge. I went over Golden Gate once and was charged over $30 (toll + administrative charges of $4.95/day to a max of $24.95 per rental period). All other car rental companies are only charging $3.95/day to a max of $14.75. Do they have to be this bold in charging so much more than the market price? I will not be using Hertz again.

I was wrongly charged! They led my husband to believe our reservation wasnt paid for with our Orbitz reservation so he agreed to pay charges so we could leave with a vehicle. Upon calling Orbitz when returning home, they explained that it was paid for and that they charged us $240 for a premium car upgrade even though we were not given a choice for a car. We were just told this is what you will get and 2nd, we declined insurance because we had it through Orbitz policy and yet they charged us $232 for that as well. We called Billing at 800-654-4173 and they said he signed so there was nothing they could do about it.

I asked for a supervisor or manager and Sandra said there were none available and disconnected my call. That is terrible - to treat people this way. We had to fork over all of our vacation money ($588 for car and $200 for deposit) to pay to leave with a car, only to find out we never should have! It would have been nice to have money to spend on vacation as Im sure my 5-yr-old would have liked a Disney shirt or toy.

I reserved an economy car at the San Francisco Airport Hertz for 4pm. When I got there, the line to check in for reserved car was over an hour wait, and then there was another hour wait for keys to a car I reserved and paid for. Needless to say, I will never use them again!

This is a copy of the letter I sent to Hertz: I am writing to you after calling your corporate office over 15 times, emailing you and attempting to call the local Hertz office where I rented my car for over a week now. There has been no response to my calls. My family and I rented a car with Hertz through AAA to be used in Honolulu, Hawaii from April 14th-April 21st. The purpose of my trip was to visit family so they could meet our 2-year-old son. I picked up the car from Hertz at the Honolulu airport on April 14th. We were issued a Versa. That day, Honolulu experienced flash floods and we drove through some very intense rain. A light on the dashboard was displayed and I didnt know it at the time but it was the check engine light and the low pressure tire sensor.

Tuesday came around and I received a call saying they couldnt get the car to me by 7:00 am but it would be soon. I had to cancel my tour. It was well into the afternoon when the tow truck arrived. The car they gave me was a 2-door Camaro. While the upgrade was a nice gesture, I was traveling with a 2-year-old. The car seat, which I rented from Hertz, could have provided a clue. Instead of the comfortable 4-door car we rented, we now had a 2-door sports car and had to manage to get my son in and out of the car, along with my husbands 85-year-old aunt we planned on spending time with. After the tow truck driver left, I turned on the car only to find that it too needed an oil change. The oil change due light was on.

We had to call a cab just for our luggage, an additional cost which we paid for. And because we were late, I didnt have the time to deal with it when we returned the car. I thought, "Oh, Ill call them when I get home." Since returning from our vacation on April 21st, I have made numerous attempts to resolve my issue. On April 22nd, I attempted to call the Hertz office in Honolulu all day long. No one answered and the voice mail was full and I couldnt leave a message. On April 23rd, I called your corporate office and was told that all that could be done was be given $100 gift certificate from Hertz for a future rental. I declined. I have no intention of renting another car this year and after the experiences I received, I would never rent from Hertz again. The operator told me that any billing questions would have to be dealt with at the local office. I explained that I tried calling and no one answered and she gave me a number to the manager.

Im now attempting to fax you because my issues still havent been resolved. And whereas before I was slightly irritated by what I experienced when renting your car, now Im just downright angry. You have some of the most piss poor customer service I have ever experienced. The car rental cost me $425 for a week, of which 3 days I couldnt use the car. The replacement car wasnt conducive to my situation and also needed a service. Then I had to pay out of my pocket for a cab ride to the airport just so my luggage could fit in the car. Then Ive spent countless hours trying to contact your office. On top of that, your staff was beyond rude to me.